23rd Andover Scout Group

Registered Charity Number: 1113643

This years camps

Summer camp 2011, will be at Pinsent Camp site in Winchester.

We will be taking both the cubs and the scouts, and plan to do archery, swimming , rifle shooting, crate building and backwards cooking amongst other things.

Please contact your section leader if you would like to attend.

The picture at the bottom of the page is of the children last year in the Camp Fire circle at Pinsent.

In October we are taking the cubs and scouts going to Osmington Bay which is a PGL site for the weekend. I like the idea of having an en-suite room, wonder if I can get away with taking my hot water bottle with me!

We have a list of activities that we will get to try depending upon the weather, I am hoping that we get to try the quad bikes and the fencing