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Book Badge -cubs

In order to complete their book badge, the cubs wrote some reviews on the books that they had read and gave them a score out of 10 as too how good they thought they were.

Peter - Age 9

Body, Bones and Bits - Horrible Science


This book was about how your body works - lots of facts and diagrams. I found out that you could live with your head chopped off for 8 seconds  - YUK!

score 5/10

Peter recommends that you read the Alfie Adventure Books, as they are very exciting. Plus the end of each story makes your want to read the next book straight away.


Thomas - Age 10

One dog at a time - Pen Farthing

This is a true story about Pen Farthing going to Afghanistan and saving the stray dogs in Helmand Province. Pen had seen a dog who was being used in the dog championships and was very upset, he has three of his own dogs at home and did not want to see any dogs getting hurt. Pen orgainsed for the dog to rescued from the taliban camp, and although the dog was very viscous, he retrained the dog. Dogs who are trained to fight have had their ears and tails clipped.
score 8/10
Thomas said that he read this book as his older sister Lauren had recommended it and she is very hard to please!
Thomas - think I would like to read this book as well.

Drew - Age 10

Pokemon - Pikachu's Vacation 


This story is bout the Pokemon going on holiday. There are two groups of Pokemon, one wild and one good group. Initially the two groups do not get on until Charizard gets stuck and both groups help to free him.
score 10/10

Nikkita - age 10

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 


This book is about Greg Heffley and his first day at middle school. He jooins a wrestling unit to build up his muscles. His best friend is Ralphy.

Score 10/10

A lot of the children have said that they have read this book and agree that is is very good - Akela

Callum - Age 9

Rodrick Rules 

This book is about Greg Heffley (also known as the wimpy kid) who goes to the swimming class. every time he finnishes the class he is picked up by his brother Roderick in his van. Roderick always stops the van so that Greg hits his head on the drums on purpose.

score 10/10

 Danny - Age 8

Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

A small boy called Henry was eating his cearal and calling his brother "

 Jack - age 9

Frakenstein teacher

A scientist made a monster and brought him to life, but the scientist was disappointed because the monster wanted to be a teacher. No-body at the school liked the monster teacher as he was scary and really ugly, until he saves the school hamster.

Score 10/10

Dominic - Age 8

Stinking Space Jokes

This is one of the jokes that Dominic liked the best

Why did the alien take the pencil to bed?

Because he wanted to draw the curtains.

Score 9/10





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