23rd Andover Scout Group

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Hello Scouts


Our Scout leaders are:


Ace and Baloo

Scout Program


Tuesday 23rd April - Patro Quiz and Challenges

Sunday 28th April - St georges day parade

Tuesday 30th April - Basic Cooking - Main Course

Tuesday 7th may - Dessert Course

Tuesday 11th may - District Cooking Competition

Tuesday 14th may - DIY Badge Part 1

Tuesday 21st May - DIY Badge Part 2

28th May - No Scouts, Half Term

4th June - DIY Project - Patio laying

11th June- Whittling - bring your pen knives

18th June - bring your pen knives

25th June - Hike tents

2ndJuly - Mechanics badge

9th July - Mechanics Badge Part 2 (bring overalls or change of clothes

16th July - Group's Birthday party - Party Clothes



Scout news


April 2013


Well done to Keiran and Harvey for completing the work for their chief scout gold awards - Baloo has the paerwork in order.




  May 2011

Well done to Joe, Harvey, Keiron and Amelia in coming first in the District Cooking Competition.

Their effort is on the red table cloth - looks good enough to eat.

Menu was

Melon Fan Starter - demonstrate knife skills

Sweet and Sour Chicken - Sauce from scratch

Brandy Snap Fruit Basket - something pretty!

Part of the scout IT badge work was to design an eye catching poster

April 2011


St George's Day Parade 


Well done Joe for coming third in the district chess competition for the over twelve and a half's

January 2011

 Scout News!

District Gang Show at The Lights

  Well done to those cubs and scouts who took part in the Gang Show on

Friday 9th and 10th of April . Your performance of

Men In Black

was very effective. Josh you made an excellent Alien . One question did any

body take a photograph so that we may put one on the web site!


District Football Competition        

WELL DONE to the team who played the football on Saturday 13th March. 

They did really well and WON the event!! Baloo  said that a special mention

needs to be made to Josh - who should be man of the match, although

Nicholas says he should be man of the tournament.




                                               Josh Horner

Nicholas Simmonds             

                                              Matthew Bird

Kahn Higginson                                              

Atlanta Wilson            

                                  Holly Bergin

Peter Bergin



Joseph Simmonds - well done for being very scouting and playing for the 1st Andover.




The Fitness Challenge 

One of our Scouts has been busy for sometime working on his fitness challenge and has done a lovely write up about it for the website, it is well worth a read for anyone thinking of doing this badge.  To see it click here, or on the Fitness Challenge badge above.




Some of our Scouts


What are the Scouts up to?  

Here is what one of them wrote for us. 


 Community Challenge

Community challenge badge I have had to do 6 hours of voluntary work in my local community. I have done this by helping at Cubs. 

Some activities I have helped run are preparation for the night hike; I walked the route with another Scout, to check that the instructions could be clearly followed, 

I helped out with the paper plane challenge by showing a couple of Cubs how to make a certain design which is called the classic dart, and even got time to fly my plane a couple of times.

Other things that I do to help are to carry out inspection, even out the numbers in team games, get things from the shop which we need i.e. the candles for the Christmas decorations, & sometimes I run ‘bases’, such as a recycling base. 

I think it is useful for the Cubs to have contact with Scouts from the group as that way, when they go up to Scouts, they already know someone.

Report by Nicholas 




If you need more information then please contact Ace

you can e-mail him at vince.mcgarry@ntlworld.com


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