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Akela, Kaa and Animal

 Cub Program

19th April - Map reading

26th April - Visit to Pets at Home

5th May - Tree identification

12th May- weather dependent

17th May - camp doughnuts

24th may - Visit to wood land

25th May - sixers and seconders night away

Recent Cub News

March 2013

Well done toBradley and Daniel who have received their silver awards

August 2011

We had a great camp at Pinsent with the scouts - photo's to be uploaded but the book reviews are on the site to be read. A review from one of the campers can be seen by clicking here.

July 2011

Enjoyed the annual general meeting - had a good game of rounders with the children and their parents but I missed out on Fiona's ginger cake!

Well done to yellow six who were awarded the best six

and to Marie who was the best cub !

June 2011

The cubs had lots of fun at the woodland playing the widegame - I know this because an hour had gone past before any of them asked for a drink! Thank you to Ace for letting us use your woodland and thank you to Nicholas our young leader for running the evening.

Athletic badges will be awarded at the agm in July along with the awards for best cub and best six.

May 2011

20th May 2011, the trip to Trinley Estate went very well, a lovely place to visit. The tractor ride was good fun and the children learnt a lot about the countryside; to add to the knowledge that they already have. They asked some very intelligent questions.

Did you know that Dormice live where there is lots of Hazel trees and that they are called dormice after the french word Dormay for sleep, as they like to sleep a lot.

Trinley Estate is taking part in the farm open day on the 12th June - well worth a visit


The cubs raised £51 for children with leaukeamia from their sponsored camp fire. Special well done to Jason and to Imogen. We have received a lovely thank you letter from the people who organize the Cheeky Monkey events.


April 2011

Well done to Amelia (flag bearer), Oliver, Peter, Dominic and Jason -

hope you enjoyed St'Georges Day.

Kaa said that you were all very well behaved during the service.

Campfire at Rothsay Niursing Home went very well.

 February 2011

Artist Badge

Several of the cubs have completed their artist badge this month, I have decieded to borrow Amelia's idea for talking monsters as all the cubs were keen to see how she had made it. Below is a picture of Imogen's clay model of our Cub Camp Site. Thank you for letting me put a picture on the web site and well done on getting your badges.



Link to recipe page 

Preparing to do crate stacking at Pinsent - august 2010


Getting ready to do crate building, thanks Bagheera for turning the photo round the right way for me.

Summer Camp Pinsent 2010   

 Building Shelters at Ace's Wood

We had a lovely evening, and the shelters that the children made were to a high standard

This shelter would be bigger enough to sleep four cubs,

I love the blubells - worth visiting the woods just to seem

Refreshments - camp fire courtesy of the scouts who helped



Pinsent Camp Photo Summer 2009

Above is a picture of the cubs at Pinsent Campsite 2009

Connor, Owen, Thomas, Thomas, Ryan, Michael, Noah, Nikkita and Joe-Paul


Ryan Baird has been very resourceful in his bid to collect stamps for the air ambulance, in that he has asked his school if he can collect stamps there.

Thank you very much Ryan - Well done

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Presentation on 19th March 2010

Tony Humphrey a volunteer from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance came to recieve the cheque, and to talk to the Cubs about the air ambulance. I received a lovely Thank You Letter today, which I quote some of his words

"On behalf of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance charity I am writing to thank you for the cheque for £58 you presented to me. This is a generous amount and we are gratefu for your efforts."

This paragraph made me very proud to be a leader with the 23rd Andover Cub Scouts

"Your Cubs are a great group who were an attentive audience with some interesting questions"

Well done Cubs!

Connor presenting the cheque to Tony Humphrey.

If you would like to find out more about the air ambulance visit, click on the link below


 We are still working towards our bronze footprint award, which looks at enviromental issues, such as recycling and climate change.

For more information go to


An old group photo from camp,  I have new photo's, but need to get the hang of how to upload them. if any parents would like to see the photo's, please ask me at Cubs and I will email them. 


A Cub talks about his visit from the Fire Safety Officers 


 Fire Exit 

A fire crew and their fire engine came to our house to talk to our family about fire alarms and fire safety.

First of all the firemen went upstairs and looked at our existing smoke alarm and decided to put in a new one on the stairs. Because my sister and I have electrical items like TV’s and computers in our bedrooms we have had one fitted in our bedrooms. He explained to us that we should check them once a week with mums help by pushing the button and making sure the battery had not run out.


We then sat at the table and the fireman asked what we would do if a fire happened when we were up stairs at night??

We talked about jumping out of the window but this was not the best option as we may get hurt. So we decided that mum should always have her mobile at night time because our phone might not work as it is powered by electricity that way she can call 999 and ask for the fire brigade.


The whole family would go into my sister’s bedroom at the front of the house and wait for the firemen to come and rescue us. The bedroom at the front is the easiest for the firemen to get to first and they would see us when they arrive and help us to safety.


If the fire was in the front bedroom we would go into mum and Maurice’s room and stay low on the floor and wait for help.

Having smoke alarms fitted in our house means that the fire crew should reach us before the fire gets hold.

If the fire was down stairs we would get out of the house and call 999 and wait for help.




To find out more about home safety from Hampshire Fire and Rescue service click here



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